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I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, and grew up listening to the legendary 93 KHJ.  At age 15, while sifting through the 45's bin at Tower Records (does anyone remember those?  I have some in my collection), on the suggestion of a store clerk there, I came to the realization that I wanted to work in radio.  Think I can still find him, maybe on Facebook, and, I mean thank him?

In 1986, after years of listening to a variety of stations in and around Los Angeles, I got my first shot inside an actual radio station as an unpaid (natch) at Valley Radio, 67 KWNK
(K-WINK) in the Simi Valley area of southern California, just northwest of Los Angeles.  I ran the studio controls for Dallas Cowboys football games, but never grew to really like football.  Maybe I need a testosterone hormone shot or something.  Finally, beginning in January, 1987, I got my first try behind the mic at that same radio station, coming in early mornings on Saturdays and Sundays to play the "Valley's Favorites" (after switching on the transmitter; I always thought that was a whole lot of fun for some strange reason), then eventually Sunday nights.

From there, I went on to try and develop this "personality" they always talk about at stations in Oxnard-Ventura, CA, Tallahassee, FL, and Morgan City, LA (don't bother to try and find THAT on the map; too small and too stinky.  As the 90's revved up, I found myself in places such as (in chronological order) Colorado Springs, then Denver CO, Augusta, GA, Springfield, MO, and most recently Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point, NC (where I moved from in August of 2010, entertaining each weekend from 12noon to 4pm on 107-5 KZL radio).  I spent 12 years in the Triad, the longest I've ever stayed in one town in my adult life.  And now, it's time to let Bowling Green get to know me a little (or maybe a lot, depending on your mood).

For hobbies I like to eat vegetarian and vegan food (burgers are fine, as long as they didn't come from someone walking on 2 or 4 legs).  In fact, I've been meatless now since Thanksgiving of 1999.  If you ever come to a bar-b-que at my house, be prepared!  However, I think you'll like what I make.  I also enjoy inline skating, canoeing on lakes and rivers, tubing, clubbing, movies, amusement parks, vegan potlucks, dating beautiful, smart vegetarian/vegan women (if I could only find one), and hanging out with wildlife.  I drive a 1989 Mazda pickup truck, and until October of 2010 was also driving a 2002 Toyota Prius hybrid car.  But I managed to wreck that on I-65 one Friday night while headed out of town.  So now I ride a bicycle to work.  If you ever happen tos see me pedaling along Scottsville Road with that bulky backpack strapped behind me, that's me!  You can honk, call out to me by name, and say "hi," but PLEASE don't yell at me to "get off the street with that thing" or "go ride on the sidewalk, you're in my way," or anything like that.  It hurts my self esteem.  Thanks!

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